Vincentia Sailing Club (VSC/Club) aims to provide a facility and activities that are safe, and one that minimises the risk of being infected with or spreading COVID-19. This duty of care extends to all Club members, visitors, and volunteers associated with our Club and covering all activity locations, including on the water.

As such, it is a condition of membership and entry on to the Club premises that all club members, visitors, and volunteers (from here on referred to as attendees) comply to the policies contained in this COVID-19 Management Policy Document. This management plan is to be read in conjunction with the VSC Constitution. Failure to comply with the policies may result in disciplinary action or being asked to leave the Club premises.


The Club is applying the following strategies to prevent the spread of COVID-19:

• Risk Management
• Good Hygiene
• Physical Distancing
• Cleaning & Disinfecting
• Training & Consultation

These strategies will be applied in all situations (but not limited to) where VSC have attendees in the following:

• Club sailing days
• Sailing Regattas
• Social gatherings/meetings.

The strategies will be applied to the following locations:

• Club House. Both internal and external
• The Club boat rigging area
• The beach launching area
• All water craft and
• Any location/premises being used by the Club.

The Club Executive Committee require all attendees at the Club to take reasonable care of their own health and to not adversely affect the health of others. People who are displaying the signs of COVID-19 must not enter on to Club premises and if anyone starts to display symptoms, they must immediately remove themselves from the Club premises, advising the Club COVID-19 Coordinator or club committee member before leaving the premises.

If a person tests positive to COVID-19 and has visited or worked at the Club in the previous 14 days they must inform the Club by contacting a member of the Club’s Executive Committee or by informing the Club via the Contact link on the Club’s web page or by email to a committee member. The Club is required to record (track) all attendees who have been in the venue and for how long. This information will be gathered through a log to be maintained at the Club and the sailing log on/log off or the VSC Canteen record sheet. This information will be provided to the health authorities on request and otherwise shall remain private and confidential.

Reporting and notification of COVID-19

• If there is a confirmed or probable case of COVID-19 infection at VSC, NSW Health will be notified by the medical professional who confirms the relevant testing and diagnosis.
• VSC will enter the record of an infection as an incident and will keep a record of each notifiable incident for at least 5 years from the day that notice of the incident is given to the regulator. All attendees must follow the standards below and obey the instructions of the COVID-19 Coordinator and Executive Committee members.

Organisation Responsibilities


• Responsible along with the Club Executive Committee for the overall performance of the Club in meeting COVID plans.

COVID-19 Coordinator

• Appointed by VSC Executive Committee
• Reports to Commodore
• Duties as per Appendix Two

COVID-19 Monitor

• Reports to Commodore and COVID-19 Coordinator
• Duties are to wear a high visibility vest with VSC COVID-19 Monitor clear printed on front and back of vest.
• To patrol all areas (Club house, Rigging Area and Beach) to ensure all persons are complying with the VSC COVID-19 Plan.

Personal Hygiene

• Sailors, volunteers are not to attend if unwell (including any signs/symptoms of cold, flu, COVID-19 or other illness).
• Washing of hands prior to and after sailing and use hand sanitiser where available.
• Avoid physical greetings (i.e., hand shaking, high fives etc.).
• Avoid coughing, clearing nose, spitting etc. on water craft, in and around water, around participants
• Avoid touching of eyes, nose or mouth Treatment of personal gear / property
• Avoid sharing of equipment, e.g., drink/water bottles, towels, whistles, pens etc. before, during and after visiting the Club.
• Do not leave personal equipment on surfaces. Personal equipment bags should be arranged to permit physical distancing of participants (>1.5 metres).
• Shared participant equipment, watercraft, safety equipment, etc. should be rotated, washed, or wiped with antibacterial wipes or alcohol-based sanitiser prior to and after each use and at each activity break.
• Use own keys to open clubhouse or rigging area gate.
• Maintaining social distancing.
• If you have to assist another person lifting or moving their boat, wear gloves or sanitise before and after
• Do not share gear/equipment
• Sailors are to rig their own boats.
wherever possible maintain social distancing:
• Avoid face to face positioning on board while sailing
• Wherever possible maintain the maximum space between crew whilst sailing
• Only have the number of people on a boat that it is designed.
• Hold instruction and discussions outdoors wherever possible
• Maximum number of people in the VSC club house shall be six persons at any one time.
• When numbers of persons attending the Club, Canteen is over twenty lining up processes shall be implemented Using signage and line marking.
• Wipe down using sanitizer tables, cupboards, benches, and refrigerator/ freezers units.
• Safety Boats • Three people maximum on any Start/safety boats, unless the boat size is suitable within the COVID safe guidelines.
• Social distancing to be maintained in the best possible manner. If practical, travel on the boat, one at bow, one at helm and one behind the cross seat
• Only race officials and committee on board official boats unless for specific purpose
• People not to congregate inside Club house– do what they have to and head outside.
• Attendance record for all people visiting VSC shall be on the Record Board/ QR Code on table outside the Club door. Pen shall be sanitised by each person – all people coming on to club property (Club House, Rigging Area and Beach area) to sign on. This includes parents or friends who attend the club but don’t participate as their contact with participants could lead to reportable infections. The Record Board information shall include:
1. Name of each person;
2. Phone number of each person.
• Sailing sign on/sign off to be completed by all sailing participants separately
• Spray/wipe down sign on tables down every 2 hours
• Hand washing – soap and sanitiser
• Food and drink servers will wear gloves.
• Hand sanitizer shall be clearly visible on bench at entry of Clubhouse
• People to open their own drinks in the presence of the person serving
• Radios shall be sanitiser wiped at pick up and on return • Computer keyboard and mouse wiped before and after each use.
• Only 1 person to use computer (process race results at home or in a lockable office using personal PC where possible.)
• Service of food is to be carried out by a designated person.
• No self-service of food/ drinks etc is permitted,
• Disposable cutlery and plates only, no club utensils to be used.
• Bring your own cup for coffee/tea – no club crockery to be used.
• Disposable cups will be onsite.
• No sharing of food/platters/pizza’s etc allowed.

All members need to understand that the covid plan is a real requirement and by entering the club/area/ attending, they are bound by it. If they do not follow it the club as well as themselves are liable for the fines.




To keep sailing safe for all participants, Australian Sailing strongly recommends that clubs ensure that all venues have an appointed COVID-19 Coordinator to implement a safe return to sport. This position description outlines the role, which may be combined with other duties but, the priority must always be monitoring and implementing the Return to Sailing Guidelines.



To implement COVID safe practices across Vincentia Sailing Club’s operations.


The COVID-19 Coordinator is responsible for implementing the government and sailing restrictions and guidelines for the management of the COVID-19 risk in their competitions and venues. Ensure a roster is prepared and managed to the provision of a VSC COVID-19 Monitor at each VSC function.

Reports to:

VSC Commodore


The Coordinator must maintain a thorough understanding of the Return to Sailing Guidelines and relevant State Regulations (as they may be amended from time to time) and be able to implement them without exception.


The COVID-19 Coordinator is responsible for overseeing club processes that ensure the risks are minimised in relation to COVID-19 for members, guests and volunteers. Specifically: Volunteers / Members / visitors

• Ensure all volunteers are trained in the club’s COVID-19 processes
• Ensure all volunteers / members / visitors do not attend the club if feeling unwell
• Ensure all communication to members and visitors is correct and in line with the club’s COVID Safe Plan
• Ensure all volunteers / members / visitors educated in the club’s COVID Safe Plan and practices, including how these changes might affect their interaction with the club facilities Entry / Exit and Movement Within Venue
• Oversee and implement mandatory exclusions (those with an active viral illness)
• Give warnings of COVID-19 risk (highlighting those that are deemed more vulnerably, such as people older than 65 years-old, or those that have chronic illnesses)
• Ensure the number of people in the venue complies with current limits
• Contact details are recorded for contact tracing purposes
• Enforce restrictions in relation to social distancing and gatherings
• Implement clear guidance for smooth movement of attendees within the venue that facilitate social distancing on and off the water
• Ensure hygiene measure are in place pre, post and during Club operations
• Ensure protocols are in place to ensure participants are informed not to attend, if they are exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19 (fever or respiratory symptoms such as cough, sore throat and shortness of breath)
• Ensure protocols are in place for people who present to VSC with symptoms consistent with COVID-19 (fever or respiratory symptoms such as cough, sore throat and shortness of breath)
• Process for managing non-compliance by participants (including removal from venue)
• Facility management Ensure venue signage is in place
• Toilets (document the cleaning that is in place)
• Change rooms (monitor whether opened or closed, document cleaning routine)
• Canteen (ensure social distancing)
• Ensure the agreed cleaning schedule of facilities and of high contact surfaces is maintained
• Ensure any physical barriers, line markings or traffic directional signage are in their correct locations and that they are being adhered to Equipment
• Ensure that policies and practices are in place so that sharing of equipment is kept to a minimum
• Ensure that policies and practices are in place to facilitate the cleaning of any shared equipment after each session Review, Update & Report
• Periodically review the effectiveness of the COVID-19 Safe Plan for the club and amend, update or improve as necessary
• Advise the committee of the club on the effectiveness of COVID-19 Safe Plan arrangements and seek assistance where required
• Assist the club (operationally) to safely increase or decrease activity through the three phases of the Australian government’s “Roadmap to a COVIDSafe Australia” and as permitted by the relevant State or Territory government
• Act as the key contact point for members and participants – particularly around questions relating to return to sport and the actions the club is taking to be COVIDSafe – and other relevant stakeholders (including government, public health and other authorities, other clubs, associations, Australian Sailing). NB: It is recommended that the COVID-19 Coordinator keeps a record of the COVID-19 actions that have been taken by the Club in case of a possible outbreak.