Sunday Sailing | 17th September ’23

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Spring Handicap: Week 3

The third weekend of the Vincentia Sailing Club’s Spring Handicap was definitely one to remember, as gurugama [the westerly] blew down from the hills with a ferocity only the most fearless (and ludicrous) mariners could handle.

Upon arrival, our sailors were met with a complete glass off right across the moona moona [the waters within Jervis Bay]On duty for the day, Elliot delegated race duties to his mother, father and grandfather, as he and Nan spent a lovely afternoon in the sunshine. Setting a stellar race track in trying conditions, James & John snuck away three races before a mouthwatering lunch prepared by Egbert & Deidre.

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MB claimed the first three races of the day on handicap, as Bryn made his triumphant return to the water on ‘Sur Ganji’. Also making a grand return to the VSC, Gav took his brand new Hobie 14, ‘Ceefa‘ for a test run, coming third to Jake and Bryn in the first and second heats respectively.

Zoe & Hazel hit the water as a team for the first time this season, finishing two races on ‘Munyunga‘ on some of the most wild conditions they’ve faced on a Hobie 16. Coming to a very mature decision to head to shore before an inevitable inversion, the pair were commendable for their courage on the race course, and we cannot wait to see where they go next!

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Paddy & Brody teamed up whilst Jimmy the Kid remained on the soccer pitch. The boys put away three solid races with incredible boat speed, leaving no excuses for Jimmy & Brody when they hit the race track as the hottest youth Hobie 16 team since 2015.

Heading out after lunch, James & Steph smashed through three more high intensity races. Hazel jumped on with Paddy after lunch, coming away with three bullets. Jakey found his groove on the H14, nailing every start he made; however, always running into trouble at the top mark. Hatto was dusting on the cobwebs in the best way possible, whilst Adrian & Dobbo spent their last week sailing on their retro Hobie 14s (with only two near-collisions) before their new and improved Hobie 14 Hybrids hit the water for their maiden voyage next weekend.

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Off the race track, Rennie and Andrew were once again leading the charge with the grommets, getting Joel, Evan, Oliver and Ava out on the water racing each other on the Dragoons. Vargs arrived in the arvo with young Michael, taking the young fella out on the wave for the first time as gurugama began to lighten off after lunch.

Thanks again to James, John & Elliot for setting the race course, running the races and to Steph for capturing the amazing moments on the water. Big ups to Deidre and Egbert for their stellar work on the BBQ. Stay tuned for next week, as Jake & Hannah jump on the Poly for the first weekend of the single-handed championship, whilst Helen jumps in as head chef.

Check out all the results from the weekend HERE.

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