Sunday Sailing | 19th November ’23

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It was another sensational weekend for the mariners of Jervis Bay, with two days of baliya blowing briskly across the moona moona.

Hitting the shores of Plantation Point at 10am sharp, Saturday’s sea-breeze was met by Bridget & Paddy as they hit the water on ‘Munyunga’ for a light wind session. Tuning the Hobie 16 to the max, the pair are in full swing training for the Australian Championships in Brisbane over the new year period.

Sunday’s events commenced bright and early, with Paddy arriving on the scene at 0815 with a cuppa in hand, whilst Rene rocked up with the tractor soon after. No sooner were the Wave, Dragoon & Getaway sails rigged, than the Groms were out on the water. Garry brought along Bede and his mate Toby – who’s well accustomed to the sailing scene – along for the first time in the spring handicap. Lottie & Eddie once again left their old-man in the wind, bringing their mother Claire along for the ride; likewise, Andy & Elliot were back for a second week running with their old-boy Tim.

Jake Save

With laps off the beach in a quickly building nor’easter, the Groms were Rene & Garry around the traps, whilst Bridget & Paddy went for the Moona Creek run with Andy, Lotte & Ed, dropping newcomers Jack & Angus off at Collingwood.

Whilst the Groms were loving it, the older boys were in full stoke mode. Spinelli, Dobbo, Jezza & Jake were reaching at maximum throttle in the now honking nor’easter. As the spectators watched with glee, the boys were cartwheeling all over the place, as they continued to push their Hobie 14s to the absolute limit. Sooner rather than later, Paddy & Bridget joined the boys on the water, pushing the Hobie 16 further than most would ever dare.

By midday, all the boats were grounded; bar one, lone mariner who dared to brace the brunt of baliya in her prime…

Jake Save