Sunday Sailing | 22nd October ’23


It was another exciting weekend of sailing on Jervis Bay out of the Vincentia Sailing Club. Both Saturday and Sunday were met with high intensity winds, but that didn’t stop the action with a bunch of diverse activities taking place off Plantation Point, showcasing the VSC’s dedication to promoting the sport of sailing with the Groms of Jervis Bay.


Saturday: biraga baliya – big, black nor’easter

On Saturday, the VSC’s big Groms were treated to a pure, full-blown black nor’easter, which hit the western shores of the Bay with remarkable precision. The wind was blowing at a steadily building 15 knots, providing the perfect conditions for a morning of exhilarating, high-intensity sailing.

Paddy led the charge with the squad consisting of Zoe, Bridget, Hazel, and Jimmy. Taking full advantage of biraga baliya, the squad made the most of the conditions; setting aside the 14s or 16s, allowing the team to devise a creative solution.

Replicating their Thursday afternoon training session, the older Groms decided to take out the Dragoons for a battle royale. Adding an element of surprise and camaraderie, the squad drew pegs out of a tramp bag to determine sailing pairs and roles for each race. This unique approach led to a day filled with thrilling contests and a few spills along the way. However, the sailors left with a newfound confidence in their ability to handle any condition on the water.

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Sunday: gurugama – roaring westerly

Sunday greeted the VSC with a westerly wind that mirrored the previous day’s ferocity. The breeze were once again blowing ‘dogs of chains’, making it an another eventful day on the water.

Rene and Marc took an early lead on the Hobie Waves, while Eddie, Joel, Evan, Bede, and Adam eagerly joined them to brave the challenging breeze. Pat Eastment, all the way from Canada, joined Amanda and her two boys, Banks and Oakie, for an adventure on the getaway with Paddy. These sailing enthusiasts revelled in the opportunity to explore Jervis Bay’s waters and experience the thrill of sailing.

Not to be outdone by Macca on the Hobie 14-Turbo, Paddy and Bridget took out the Hobie 16 as they continued their training in the heavy winds, in preparation for the upcoming NSW Hobie 16 State Championships at Kurnell Catamaran Club only a fortnight away.


The weekend of sailing at the VSC was nothing short of spectacular. The club members and visiting sailors came together to make the most of the challenging wind conditions, showcasing their skills, camaraderie, and sheer passion for the sport of sailing.

The unique approach of randomising sailing partners and roles during the youth Dragoon battles added an element of unpredictability and camaraderie to the event. Furthermore, the determination to sail in challenging conditions demonstrated the resilience and tenacity of the sailors.

As the VSC looks forward to future events, this weekend serves as a shining example of what can be achieved when a community of sailing enthusiasts comes together, adapting the regular activities to suit the conditions of the day. The dedication, spirit, and adventurous nature of the participants promise continued success and memorable experiences on the waters of Jervis Bay.