Sunday Sailing | 29th October ’23

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The weekend commenced under cloudy skies and an eerie calmness in the air. However, the promise of a big nor’easter encouraged sailors to hit the waters of Jervis Bay. Notably, it was the General’s new vessel that stole the spotlight, as MB & Hazel took ‘Hazy Shade of Winter‘ out on her maiden voyage in preparation for the upcoming NSW Hobie 16 State Championships.

Joining them from Wangi Wangi, Gav Luxton made a triumphant return to Jervis Bay, dusting the cobwebs off his Hobie 16. With Bridget’s assistance, he prepared his vessel whilst Paddy barked orders from shore, capturing some of the best shots the VSC has seen this season from the end of the Plantation Point.

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Sunday arrived with a similar forecast for the Bay, with a blissful nor’easter on the horizon. The grommets, led by Rene, Marc, and Paddy, took centre stage as a grand total of 18 young sailors between the ages of 6 and 14 flooded Plantation Point, creating a vibrant scene of youthful enthusiasm and laughter.

The grommets enjoyed an array of vessels, including the Getaway, Waves, and Dragoons. Lottie joined MB for an adventure on the Hobie 16, where they had a playful encounter with a pod of more than 20 dolphins. Jess and Melanie took their parents for an exciting sail on the Getaway, while the rest of the squad had a fantastic time on the Waves.

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Alternating from boat to boat, the Groms were in full swing on the water, with the boys ditching the adults under the exceptional leadership of Joely himself. As the grommets’ session neared its end, Marc and Rene engaged in a classic best-of-three wave challenge. Joining the fun were Lottie, Sophie, Ruby, and Grace, making for some unforgettable races and laughter-filled moments on the water.

On the race track, John and Steve efficiently organised the races amidst the nor’easter. Sailors from various backgrounds took part in the competitive action, including Bryn and Helen on the Hobie 16, MB joined by Steph, and James and Elliot soaking up the sunshine on the shore. Andrew continued his training on the Hobie 14-Turbo, while Dave Fisher, who traveled all the way from Palm Beach, showcased his exceptional starting skills at the boat end. Dobbo and Adrian teamed up in their new Hobie 14 Hybrids for the first time, and Jezza and Jakey impressed everyone with their rapidly improving boat speed.

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Finally, a heartfelt thanks was extended to Karen, Angela, and Rebecca for their outstanding work in the canteen, keeping everyone well-fed and refreshed throughout the weekend.

The weekend of sailing at the VSC was a testament to the enduring love for the sport of sailing. From the maiden voyages of the General’s new vessel to the youthful exuberance of the grommets and the competitive spirit on the race track, the event captured the true essence of sailing camaraderie and enthusiasm.

Sailors from different backgrounds, skill levels, and even different parts of the world came together to share their passion for the sea. As the VSC continues to host such remarkable events, it reinforces its role as a hub for sailing excellence and a community that values fun, friendship, and the thrill of the open waters.