Sunday Sailing | 8th October ’23


The Vincentia Sailing Club played host to a thrilling day of sailing that left both sailors and spectators in awe. With John and Gilby bagging five races in a variety of wind strengths, and an unexpected visitor in the form of a humpback whale and her calf in the middle of the race course, it was a day to remember.

With a glass off in the morning, a light djringdjring (easterly breeze) began to fill around midday, providing perfect conditions for Hazel to showcase her skills on the Dragoon, racing solo for the very first time! As the mariners made their way out to the starting line, anticipation filled the air. The first race was marked by tight competition as the Hobie 14s jockeyed for position, making the most of the subtle wind shifts. Clare & Helen nailed the start on the Hobie 16, leaving Paddy & Bridgey in their wake.


After two races in the morning, followed by a delightful feast prepared by Nana Barb and Michelle, the easterly breeze evolved into a seabreeze for the afternoon session, adding a new dimension to the races. Sailors had to adjust their strategies and tactics, responding to the changing conditions on the racecourse.

Andrew could be seen flying around at the front of the back with his Hobie 14-Turbo setup, along with Jezza who was making gains left, right and up through the centre. Adrian was loving his new Hobie 14-Hybrid as it hit the water for her inaugural voyage. Paddy & Bridgey were going bow-to-bow with Clare & Helen, who’s port starts were impeccable.


While the experienced sailors were putting on a show on their respective boats, the true highlight of the day was the involvement of the grom patrol. The Getaway, Wave, and Dragoon classes were bustling with enthusiasm, with Marc, Rene, and Vargz leading the way for the youngsters. Lottie & Liana were just some of youngsters displayed remarkable determination and skill as they manoeuvred their boats through the changing winds and tides.

During the lunch break, the kids decided to take part in a capsize practice session. Spectators on the shore couldn’t help but smile as they watched these young sailors intentionally flip their boats, honing their recovery skills. Eddie even took it to the next level by jumping off the top hull, adding a touch of excitement to the day.


However, the most unforgettable moment of the day came during second race of the day. Just as the Hobie 14s were reaching the top mark, muriyira, – a humpback whale and her calf – appeared in the middle of the race course. The majestic sight of these gentle giants gracefully swimming alongside the catamarans left everyone in awe. It was a rare and magical encounter that provided a much-needed distraction in the light wind conditions.

As the races concluded and the sun began to set, sailors and spectators alike gathered above the grandstand to wish Bryn a happy 18th birthday. The day had been filled with thrilling competition, youthful enthusiasm, and a breathtaking encounter with nature. It was a reminder of the beauty and excitement that the world of sailing can offer, and it left everyone looking forward to the next day on the water.