VSC’s Opening Weekend – Report


The breeze is blowing, the barbie is firing and the grommets are out in force.

Just like the days of yore, the barbecue was back on the cook, the sailors were gathering for a feed, and the gaggle of grommets were on the hill yarning about their time on the water.

The VSC’s Race Officer, John Eastment was joined by his assistants, Darryl and Chintana, set a red hot race course towards the north-east of Plantation Point, providing clear, undisturbed air in the blustery conditions.

Over the course of Sunday’s sailing, Arthur and Rod on the Nacra 5.8, two Hobie 16s, six Hobie 14s and the two brand-new additions to the VSC, the Hobie Dragoons, were out on the water running a muck in the pumping mirin-gurugama (Dhurga for South-Westerly). Mirin-gurugama brought choppy, and gusty conditions to the moona-moona (Dhurga for “sea inside Jervis Bay”), however, it was nothing new for many of our seasoned catamaran sailors.

Andrew McKenzie and James Rhodes were neck ‘n’ neck on the Hobie 14s, whilst Steve Anderson and Jake de Rooy were using the opening weekend to get back into the groove of things as they dusted off the cobwebs of their Hobie 14s. Additionally, Clare Eastment and Helen Mills were reaffirming their position as the greatest Womens Hobie 16 team in NSW, as they faced the conditions on Moona-Moona head on.

The Butler Boys, Mick and Paddy, spent time mentoring the grommets on the Dragoons as they took on the wildest conditions they’ve seen yet. Jimmy Winchester and Bridget Raftery were finding their feet in the breeze, whilst Zoe Ellis and Jill Raftery were pushing the limits of the catamarans like no other sailors have done before.

Finally, after all the activities were said and done, our intrepid sailors came back to shore where our head chef, Rebecca and her merry band of assistants, had a gourmet buffet feast laid out inside the clubhouse. And as always, the VSC is always open to new members or visitors, whether you are sailors or not! Jump onto our Contacts Page to get in touch and get amongst the world’s largest playground.