Sunday Sailing | 14th April ’24

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The picturesque backdrop of Jervis Bay set the stage for another exhilarating day of sailing at the Vincentia Sailing Club. As the final day of competition for the Single-Handed Championship unfolded, sailors prepared for a thrilling test of skill and strategy in the Hobie 14 fleet. With the polly remaining on dry land, anticipation filled the air as sailors geared up for a challenging long-distance race.

The racecourse, meticulously planned to maximise both challenge and enjoyment, promised a riveting journey across the the eastern shores of the the bay. Starting from Plantation Point in a light easterly breeze, sailors embarked on a reaching leg toward the inner Sanctuary Zone mark (SZM) off Huskisson Beach. From there, they navigated upwind toward the outer SZM before executing a thrilling downwind run back to the inner SZM. The final stretch included a reach parallel with Collingwood Beach to the red Cardinal Mark off Holden Street boat ramp, followed by an upwind battle to the 200m Jetski mark off the sailing club and a short reach to shore.

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The excitement was palpable as sailors prepared for the challenge ahead. Egbert, accompanied by Steve, positioned themselves in the middle of the beach, ready to tackle the course head-on. Meanwhile, Jake & Angela reunited on the Hobie 18, eager to make their mark on the competition. On the Getaway, Jamie, Violet, and Ava set sail alongside Spinelli & Oliver and Rennie & Joel on the Hobie 14s. The field was further enriched by the presence of Hatto, Dobbo, Adrian, MB, Bridg, Carmen, and Paddy, all prepared to embark on the solo adventure on the Hobie 14s.

The race unfolded with intensity and determination as sailors navigated the challenging course. Throughout the 10-kilometer race, competitors remained closely matched, with Paddy establishing an early lead, closely pursued by MB. Spinelli & Oliver’s strategic prowess saw them overtaking Hatto in the final upwind leg, while a minor mishap at the final mark rounding allowed Dobbo and Adrian to make a swift move past Bridg.

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Special thanks are due to Jocelyn for her meticulous timing and photography from the shore, capturing the thrilling moments of the race. Gratitude is also extended to Lisa and Bridget for their efforts in providing a hearty lunch for the fleet before they embarked on their journey.

As the fleet hit finish line on the shoreline, the sense of accomplishment and camaraderie was palpable. With only one more week before the VSC’s Championship Regatta, the stage is set for even more exhilarating action to come. Stay tuned as the Vincentia Sailing Club continues to showcase the spirit of sailing and camaraderie on the pristine waters of Jervis Bay.