Sunday Sailing | 7th April ’24

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Despite the deluge that threatened to dampen spirits, the Vincentia Sailing Club’s weekend of sailing commenced under surprisingly favorable conditions on Saturday afternoon. The transformation from a morning of uncertainty to an afternoon of exhilarating sailing was nothing short of remarkable.

Paddy and Carmen, undeterred by the remnants of the storm, took to the water on their Hobie 16, cutting through the waves with skill and determination. Close behind, Jeremy and Spinelli showcased their prowess on the Hobie 14s, navigating the challenging conditions with a blend of courage and precision. The sailors were greeted by blue skies and a strengthening nor’easter, providing ideal conditions against the backdrop of some of the most formidable waves seen off Plantation Point in recent memory.

The spectacle on the water was not just a display of the sailors’ abilities but also a testament to the indomitable spirit of the sailing community. Special recognition is due to Brad Sissins from Hobie Asia Pacific, who, equipped with a long-range lens, captured the heart-stopping moments. His presence and expertise allowed for the day’s courage and skill to be immortalised, showcasing the essence of sailing at Vincentia.

Following an electrifying Saturday, the Vincentia Sailing Club witnessed a dynamic continuation of nautical prowess into Sunday, with the grom squad taking a significant leap in their sailing journey. A total of seven young sailors, brimming with enthusiasm and ambition, joined the seasoned veterans on the race track, marking their first solo participation in the club’s races. Under the vigilant guidance of Marc, Rennie, and Ben aboard the Getaway, and with Jamie and Steve piloting the Waves, the stage was set for a memorable day on the waters of Jervis Bay.

The Boys Dragoon, with Ed at the helm and crew members Joely and Kai, showed commendable strength and strategy from the outset. In a thrilling parallel, the Girls Dragoon team—consisting of Liana, Jess, Violet, and Lottie—demonstrated their burgeoning skillset, inching closer to their counterparts as they navigated around a tactically shortened top mark. This event underscored a pivotal moment for the grom squad, showcasing their rapid growth and potential as they ventured around the Vincentia Sailing Club race track unaided for the first time.

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Amidst the budding talent of the grom squad, the day also featured intense competition in the Hobie 14 class. Andrew clinched the first heat, executing a masterful overtaking maneuver against Carmen in the final downwind stretch. The subsequent races saw Carmen, with impeccable tacking, securing a win in the second heat, while the Big-Mac and Spinelli jostled for supremacy in the downwind segments. Newcomers Nigel, transitioning from the Hobie Wave, and Phil, testing the waters on Bad Banana Split, added fresh vigor to the fleet.

The double-handed championship races were equally fraught with excitement. Paddy and Bridget defended their top-ranking position with unmatched synergy, while Nigel and Helen, collaborating with the adept Clare from interstate, and James & Steph, returning after a hiatus, showcased the depth of talent within the club. MB, partnering with Finbar for his second session, demonstrated the ropes to the newcomer, leveraging his expertise as the 2007 World Champion to impressive effect.

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Arthur’s southern journey introduced Scotty to the exhilarating world of the Nacra 5.8, offering a fresh perspective on high-speed sailing. Meanwhile, Jakey, brushing off the Hobie 18’s cobwebs, formed a formidable team with Angela for the double-handed championship, hinting at strong competition in the races to come.

The day’s success was not only attributed to the sailors but also to the diligent efforts of Adrian and Steve, who assumed the crucial roles of race duty. The communal spirit of the club was further epitomized by Marc, Clare, Ed, and Lottie, whose culinary skills at lunch ensured a well-nourished and united sailing community.

As the sun set on another exhilarating weekend at the Vincentia Sailing Club, the achievements of both new and experienced sailors were celebrated in equal measure. The integration of the grom squad into the club’s racing fabric, coupled with the spirited competition across all classes, foretells an exciting future for the club, one where tradition and renewal converge seamlessly on the waters of Jervis Bay.