Sunday Sailing | 26th November ’23

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The final Sunday of November marked the conclusion of the Spring Point Score at the Vincentia Sailing Club, bringing both regular racing and the Grom Squad to an exhilarating close. With 15 boats gracing the waters of Jervis Bay, Sunday sailing was a spectacle of non-stop action and exciting moments.

Rene, Marc, and Paddy once again took the helm, leading the energetic Grom Squad onto the water. The bay buzzed with the energy of both Waves and Dragoons, effortlessly skimming across the water at speeds that left seasoned sailors in awe. Eddie, Joel, Adam, and Ethan showcased their skills on the Dragoon, leaving their fathers trailing in their wake. Eddie and Joel, in particular, seized the opportunity to master trapeze control on the Dragoon, transitioning seamlessly from the Wave.

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Leanna and Charlie had an unstoppable run on the Hobie 16 with MB, Meanwhile, the Grom Squad parents, Vargs, Scotty, and Garry joined the younger generation on the water, fine-tuning their skills in the flat water westerly conditions. Further out, Dobbo and John expertly managed the racing in tricky, shifting conditions.

Brian made a triumphant return to racing on the Hobie 14, joined by Bryn, who’s post-schooling celebrations are beginning to come to a close. Clare & Helen hopped back on the Hobie 16 for the third double-handed championships weekend whilst Nigel tested the waters with his new crew and nephew Adrian on ‘Creative’. Paddy took on Ed & Lottie for their first experience racing on the big course on the Hobie 16, even snagging a bullet in their first race, as MB swapped Charlie & Leanna for Marc in the second heat, cleaning up with brilliant port start.

As the wind began to wane, a delectable lunch prepared by Jocelyn was eagerly devoured, providing a moment of respite before the afternoon activities.

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Post-lunch, John and Dobbo assessed the breeze’s unpredictable dance in every direction. Despite the challenging conditions, Egbert & Rene seized the opportunity to take out the Nacra 5.8 for an overdue blast. Paddy and MB, ever adventurous, took the Hobie 16s out solo for a hull-flying session that would be etched into the club’s oral history.

With the Spring season concluded, the club took a moment to acknowledge the nearly 50 new groms who graced the shores over the past few months. The remarkable development of their skills week by week has been a joy to witness on the waters of Jervis Bay. As the club looks forward to the summer, the anticipation is high, with numerous prizes awaiting the spirited sailors. As the Spring season bids adieu, the club stands poised for an exciting summer of sailing adventures, camaraderie, and the continued growth of the vibrant sailing community.

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