Sunday Sailing | 3rd December ’23

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The Vincentia Sailing Club witnessed yet another exhilarating day of sailing as a dozen junior sailors, affectionately known as the Grom Squad, took to the water accompanied by self-described seasoned sailors Rene, Scotty, and Garry. The morning sun illuminated the horizon as Liana & Charlie navigated the Dragoon, honing their skills on trapeze.

Bede & Toby, along with Evan & Joel, embraced the early stages of the southerly buster, challenging the gusts with their sailing prowess. Meanwhile, Rene & Gary commanded the VSC’s mothership, the Getaway, immersing themselves in the heart of the action. With thrills and spills aplenty, the Grom Squad delivered yet another action-packed weekend in Jervis Bay.


On the race course, John & Brian expertly set the track outside Plantation Point, presenting the sailors with choppy, blustery conditions amid the developing southerly breeze. A select group of six top-notch Hobie 14 sailors, including MB, Bryn, Paddy, Jezza, and visitors Rod and Fish, eagerly lined up at the start.

The stakes were high, featuring the top three Hobie 14 helms in the world and the reigning national champion. The racecourse proved challenging, with Bryn facing an unexpected setback at the windward gates and Rod experiencing a daring bow-digging moment atop Poly at the bottom gates.

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Inside the more tranquil waters of Plantation Point, Kerry and Paul fine-tuned their Hobie 14s, embracing the manageable conditions. Nigel & Aidan, meanwhile, focused on maximising boat speed in the flat water. In the late afternoon, the dynamic duo of Matt & Nic joined the sailing enthusiasts, celebrating Matt’s 25th birthday and Nic’s recent engagement to one Rachael Quinn.

The VSC is looking forward to the upcoming summer season of sailing, promising more thrilling races and unforgettable moments on the water. As the Grom Squad continues to showcase their talent, and experienced sailors push the limits, Jervis Bay remains a hub of excitement for sailors of all ages and skill levels.